March 27, 2023

Belgrade City Guide

Conference Package

Conference Day 1 – the 25th

  • Fox in a Box conference with official lectures
  • City Hunt Game test
  • Tesla Museum in the evening

Conference Day 2 – the 26th

  • Fox in a Box conference with official lectures
  • Complimentary Dinner

Games Day – the 27th

  • Pirates
  • Chamber of Lost Legends
  • Other


ArrivalApril 24, 2023Belgrade
Welcome DrinksApril 24, 2023 7:00PMBelgrade, Restoran Tri
Conference Day 1April 25, 2023 9:00AMBelgrade, Mama Shelter
Nikola Tesla MuseumApril 25, 2023 7:00PMNikola Tesla Museum
Conference Day 2April 26, 2023 9:00AMBelgrade, Mama Shelter
Complimentary dinnerApril 26, 2023 7:00PMBelgrade, Tisa New Balkan Cuisine
Unofficial Conference Day 3 – Games DayApril 27, 2023


Have Belgrade at your fingertips. Zoom in and out by using cmd + scroll or by clicking the + and – signs in the bottom left of the map.

By clicking the icon to the left of the map title, you can view the map legend and toggle the layers and see all of the locations that we recommended and listed in this guide, by categories.

Useful tips

Things to Know Before Visiting Belgrade

All the road signs in the city are written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Therefore, it is in your interest to start your tour by reviewing the city map in advance or using appropriate smart phone apps to find your way.  You may also find it useful to use translation apps as they might be able to translate from photos, helping you understand street signs.

Heads up! Serbia is not in the EU, so additional charges may apply for your mobile data (roaming).

What to pack for your trip?

In Belgrade, the average high-temperature in April rises from a cool 12.5°C (54.5°F) in March to an enjoyable 18.6°C (65.5°F).

In April, in Belgrade, the average low-temperature is 8.3°C (46.9°F).

Consider bringing your rain jacket, as you can expect at least some rain many days, but you’ll find beautiful sunny days in between. Nights can be chilly, so extra layers are always a plus.

These are the options for airport transportation:

  • Mini Bus line A1 – 30 minutes to the Slavija Square (from there public transport/ trolley bus line 22 to the hotel). Price: around 4 EUR
  • Regular Buses (a lot of lines): Price: around 2 EUR. Don’t take these because it takes around 1-2h
  • Taxi: 30ish min to the hotel. Price: around 25 EUR
  • CarGo: 30ish min to the hotel. Price: around 25 EUR (this needs to be paid by card and you need to have an account, similar to Uber)
  • Hotel transportation: 30ish min to the hotel. Price: around 35 EUR

Heads up! The airport in Belgrade is currently under construction.

Public Transport in Belgrade

The city has a highly developed public transport system that operates on buses, trams, trolleybuses, S-train and Beovoz commuter rail. The Beovoz is the suburban network that provides transit services in Belgrade. There are 118 urban bus routes and over 300 suburban lines. Also, 8 trolleybuses, 12 tram, and 2 S-train lines can be used to navigate around the city.

Belgrade does not have Uber, but we do have CarGo, you can download their app on your phone (our recommendation!)

You can arrange a Taxi ride to the hotel at a counter at the airport.

How to know that a taxi is legit: all legitimate taxis have a meter, and TX in the end of their license plates.

TAXI phone numbers:


+381116355000 (mobile app also available – PINK taxi)

+381643581111 (mobile app available – NAXIS)


Important: Fox in a Box will not bear the costs of transport from the airport to the hotel, or the transport from the hotel to the restaurant where we will be having dinner on April 26th.

Currency in Serbia

The currency in Serbia is Dinar (RSD). Below you can find the exchange rate to other currencies.

100 RSD = 0.85 Euro

100 RSD = 0.92 US Dollars

Are credit cards accepted in Belgrade?

Yes, almost everywhere, except the kiosks on the street.

If you don’t have cash on you, make sure to ask if the place accepts credit cards before ordering.

Tipping in restaurants

Tipps are not included in the bill, and tipping is not obligatory. However, if you’d like to tip your server, 10% of the bill is an average amount to tip.

Heads up! Smoking is still allowed inside most restaurants and cafés.

Where to go/eat/drink in Belgrade?

In the page linked below, you can find some of the most interesting places to visit as a tourist in Belgrade, as well as some of the restaurants and cafes we recommend. All of the places listed in these three pages are also added to the interactive map.

Escape Room Companies

Our List of favorites

Some Local Words + Cultural things to know

Zdravo (zdra-voh) = Hello

Doviđenja (doh-vee-de-nia) = Goodbye

Živeli (zhee-veh-lee) = Cheers

Hvala (h-vah-luh) = Thank you

Nema na čemu (neh-mah-nah-cheh-moo) = You’re welcome

Molim (moh-leem) = Please

Izvinite (eez-vee-nee-teh) = Sorry/Excuse me

Da (dah) = Yes

Ne (neh) = No

What to try

Rakija (alchoholic drink)

Kajmak (milk based cream, perfect on meat or toastted bread)

Ajvar (red pepper salsa, side dish to eat with meat or vegetables)

Sarajevo pita (Bosnian dish, famous cheese or meat pie)

Ćevapi i pljeskavica (meat dish, it could be made of pork, beef or mixed meat)

Šopska salad (mix of cucumber, tomato, onion, pepper whit cheese on top)

Karađorđeva šnicla

Miročki cheese (grilled cheese, similar to Greek Haloumi)

Pirotski cheese (a pleasantly tangy cheese characterized by its bright-yellow crust and smooth surface)

Sarma (cabbage rolls – cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice)

Souvenirs To Get

It’s up to you, but our recommendation is always some local food or drink, or local streetwear brand or accessories. Another idea would be books about important people such as artists, inventors, etc.

Please reach out to us if you need help or a suggestion about souvenirs.