Mi u HealthCare Europe verujemo da bi svet bio bolje mesto kada bi ljudi bolje spavali! Our mission is to offer mattresses, toppers, pillows, and accessories of the most high-quality memory foam in the market at affordable prices. By making memory foam products available to all, we also make the world a better place, providing the best dreams.

Become A Part of The Healthcare Europe Team

Gathered around common goals and ideas, our team of top experts in their fields handles the high authenticity achieved by the HealthCare Europe company.

Thanks to the utmost dedication, creativity, and ability, we provide a unique quality of our products and the undisputed satisfaction of our clients. Do you want to know more about us? Then visit our page:

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Place of Work Number of
needed employees
Menadzer u prodaji SR Ruma 2 15.9.2022
Trainee in Cutting rs Ruma 1 Open invitation
Trainee in Packaging rs Novi Sad 25 Open invitation
Novi Posao rs Beograd 12 Open invitation
Moj novi posao RS Novi Sad 22 Open invitation

Menadzer u prodaji SR

Ruma: Place of work

2: Number of
needed employees

15.9.2022: Application

Trainee in Cutting rs

Ruma: Place of work

1: Number of
needed employees

Open invitation: Application

Trainee in Packaging rs

Novi Sad: Place of work

25: Number of
needed employees

Open invitation: Application

Novi Posao rs

Beograd: Place of work

12: Number of
needed employees

Open invitation: Application

Moj novi posao RS

Novi Sad: Place of work

22: Number of
needed employees

Open invitation: Application

We dedicate special attention to the most crucial factor of success and company development, that being our employees.

In a very short period, we grew to almost 700 employees. Therefore, the care of each worker has become our imperative.

We know how vital a good start is on the road to becoming a successful professional. Hence, we organize attentive and detailed training by our experienced mentors in the first month of work.

Do you also want to become a part of the HealthCare Europe team and together create the best conditions for better dreams?

To enter you into our database, we kindly ask you to fill out the application and send us your CV. You are also welcomed to send us your CV, even if no open positions are available.

When there are adequate positions based on your education and previous work experience open, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Department.

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  • Enter your full name in the corresponding field.
  • To get as accurate information as possible, we recommend that you use the Latin font and use the letters š, đ, č, ć, and ž.
  • Regularly check the email address you specify in the application. It can be used as one way to get in touch with you.
  • In the “job application” field, you need to specify the exact name of the position you are applying for (example: Chief accountant).
  • If the position you are applying for is open in multiple locations simultaneously, make sure to type the place you want in the “location” box.
  • In the “Cover letter text” field, you can enter your cover letter or the information required for the application if you don’t have a resume.


  • In order for it to be valid, your job application must meet several conditions.
  • In case you do not have a resume (CV), type all the
  • requested data directly in the application form to increase your chances of being contacted.
  • In addition to the above fields, please send the following information:
    • The highest degree of professional expertise
    • Acquired title
    • Date of birth
    • Place of residence
    • Contact Phone number